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Hands Up

Do you know where your life is at?
Is it going exactly as the way you want?
All your walkin', talkin', dealin'
with your life's this and that
You oughta know, there's more to life
than just one side

I am commited as both my hands are lifted
To seek the truth for He's the One I needed
So come together, my generation
Get your hands up

Hands up, hands up
c'mon let's praise Him loud
Jump up, jump up
He's worthy of our shout
He's worthy, worthy, worthy

Come as you are
He deserves our whole life come as you are
as your life testify

Everybody lift your voices,
as He dwells in the midst of our praises
So come together my generation
Get your hands up(c'mon) get your hands up
so this is where you're at
In the hands of the One true God
So get together, my generation
Get your hands up, get your hands up